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We are excited to announce that we are starting after school Spanish language clubs at St James school from September 2016! See below for information about how your child can join our classes.
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Lower Juniors - 40 min class - 3:20pm
Upper Juniors - 50 min class - 4:00pm

The first class of the Autumn 2016 term will be on  September  20.
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InSchool Academy Spanish tutor Bélen
Bélen is a native Spanish speaker and a qualified teacher with a focus on child psychology and teaching children with special education needs.

Bélen loves teaching children! Teaching professionally since 2009, she knows how to keep children engaged, enthusiastic to learn and let them have fun while learning!

She loves reading, listening to music, watching movies, travelling and learning about other cultures and their way of life.

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How we teach and what children learn
Our teacher follows a curriculum that suits the level of the class and supports children's progress.  Each Level offers a combination of topics and vocabulary that children cover over the course of the year.
New activities are added each term to enhance the learning. Parents are kept informed about the progress of their child through bi-weekly online feedback.

Below is what Level 1 children cover during the 1st term:

Spanish club Curriculum for the first term with InSchool Academy
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Native teachers
Interactive activities
Different Levels
Our clubs are led by passionate and dedicated native speaking teachers, following a curriculum designed to suit each childs learning needs.​
Most of our pupils are beginners but we welcome every child by offering a different level of teaching to children aged from 4 to 11 years old. 
Parents enjoy (bi)weekly feedback about the topics covered during the club and the individual progress made by their child.
Part of our core learning process is having fun. We make learning enjoyable through games, role-plays, singing and dancing.
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One-off Registration for the Academic Year
£15 per year
​Enjoy discounts, organised events, our newsletter and much more!
Lower Junior Spanish Club
£100 per term
Cost of tuition and resources
Upper Junior Spanish Club
£120 per term
Cost of tuition and resources
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InSchool Academy Spanish club taking place
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InSchool Academy Spanish club taking place at St Mary's Church
InSchool Academy Spanish club taking place at St Mary's Church