Language clubs for primary schools

​Modern foreign languages have recently become a part of the national curriculum for primary schools in the UK, meaning children could be given the opportunity to learn a language in preparation for secondary school. Offering languages as an option to your kids, or a part of your curriculum, is a great way to add value to your primary school!

We provide primary schools:
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Native Teachers
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Extra curricular clubs
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Weekly lessons

Most InSchool Academy language clubs run just after school, to make them convenient for children and their parents or guardians. Kids have fun through games based on our languages and their traditions, and enjoy activities such as role-plays, singing and dancing. Our clubs are designed to boost confidence in children, and are great way to have fun. We run small groups of 8 to 12 children to give more attention to each child.

InSchool Academys language clubs are taught by exceptional teachers, who are: 

  • Passionate about teaching to children.
  • Native speakers, meaning perfect pronounciation and grammar is picked up by the children.
  • Fully qualified to teach their language. In addition, some are also specialised in other aspects of education, such as teaching kids with special needs.
  • Screened, with full DBS checks.

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Our primary school language clubs:

  • Are specifically designed for kids in years 1-6. 
  • Provide a fun way of learning a language for children through songs, dancing, games and role-plays. 
  • Aim to develop early language learning skills and instill love for foreign languages.
  • Introduce languages along with their cultures and traditions to the children.​​

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Interactive Activities

Part of our core learning process is having fun through tried and proven activities.

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Optional Feedback

Parents enjoy a (bi)weekly feedback about the topics covered during the club and the individual progress made by their child.

Set up a club in your school in 3 easy steps!
Contact us to express an interest. We will then sort out a time to discuss your needs and preferences.
​Promote the club within your school. We will help with information and materials.
Allocate time and space at your school including for different age groups. 
Register an interest
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