We are looking for talented teachers and motivated partners!

Working closely with teachers and partners from different nationalities and backgrounds is what makes our team unique. We aim to work with those who are committed to teaching, and share the same values as us.  

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Meet some of our passionate teachers at InSchool Academy.
  1. Stephanie
    InSchool Academy French club tutor Stéphanie
    Through singing and games, Stéphanie helps children to learn in a light-hearted way. French is her mother tongue but she is also fluent in English and Spanish. She has taught French in primary and secondary school in France, Spain and in the UK and has over five years’ experience in the childcare and education sectors.
  2. Belen
    InSchool Academy Spanish club tutor Bélen
    Bélen is a native Spanish speaker and a qualified teacher with a focus on child psychology and teaching children with special education needs. Teaching since 2009, Bélen knows how to keep children engaged and having fun while learning! She loves reading, listening to music, watching movies, travelling and learning about other cultures and their way of life.
  3. Marta
    InSchool Academy Spanish club tutor Marta
    Marta believes that children learn languages much better if they are active and fully engaged, so she brings fun and laughter to all of her classes. As well as being a native Spanish speaker, she also speaks Valencian and English. She has a BA in English and a Master’s in Education. With over 5 years of experience teaching children at primary schools, language centres and as a private teacher, she is very passionate about teaching children!
  4. Yaiza
    InSchool Academy Spanish club tutor Marta
    Yaiza is experienced in teaching to different age groups and audiences in Spain and in the UK. Over time she developed her own style of teaching children through active engagement and a tailored learning experience. She is passionate about teaching children and believes they should be taught in a way that is constantly fun and engaging. Yaiza also has a passion for theatre and used to be part of a theatre group herself!
  1. Ana
    InSchool Academy Spanish club tutor Ana
    Ana is a native Spanish speaker and qualified teacher with experience, having taught both in Spain and the UK, teaching children of different age groups.​ Ana beleives the motivation and engagement are the key for learning a language therefore she is a great fan and advocate of InSchool Academy's approach to learning that combines educational programs with fun activities designed to provide great learning experience for children. Hence Ana's sessions provide an encouraging, pleasant and ejoyable atmosphere, where children can learn while having fun!