Hire the right teacher
At InSchool Academy we understand the importance of having the right teacher in the classroom to achieve tangible learning results.  Sometimes this is a daunting job due to hassles in the recruitment process, when despite an extencive search, none of the candidates meet the set standards, and recruitment agency fees are too expensive and prohibitive for schools. 

At InSchool Academy, we help schools find the right language teacher or TA  in a short time.  Our fees are far lower than those charged by recruitment agencies, and it doesn't stop us from offering a high quality, tailored service to schools, because we believe that education should be accessible. 
How it works
With our recruitment service, you are guaranteed to find candidates who match your needs and expectations in terms of degree, experience and availability. We will carefully select a language teacher who meets your criteria, and arrange for you to meet the candidates  and decide which one is best for you.

We understand that flexibility is important for schools,  therfore our services come with the offer of FREE replacement on selected teachers within 3 weeks of starting for any reason. We can also provide supply teachers.
Flexibility is important!
Part/Full Time
Special needs
Short/Long Term
We offer flexibility in the duration of the contract : from 1 month, 1 term or 1 year depending of your needs. 
Our teachers will consider both part and full time contracts, as well as shared contracts between schools when it's convenient.
While looking for a teacher, you can express any additional special skills or expertise that you require for the position. 
Carefully selected teachers
We work with native speaking teachers who are passionate about teaching children their language, along with their cultures and countries traditions. All of our teachers are highly qualified and DBS checked, and strive to provide the best learning experience to children.
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