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After school clubs
Holiday classes
We organise our clubs just after school to make them convenient for children and their parents or guardians. 
We can organise tutoring for children depending on the preferred location and the availability of our teachers. 
We organise summer holiday classes to keep the children immersed in the language they are learning.
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Parents love our language clubs!
"The classes offer a good mixture of singing, revision of vocabulary and building on topics and seem to keep them engaged!"
"The lessons are well-structured and planned and Stéphanie has great ideas for sparking the children's imagination in a wide variety of different topics. "

"My boys have been enjoying their French class very much and have learnt a lot. I really like the weekly feedback and details on each lesson."
6 reasons to join an InSchool Academy club:
Languages InSchool Academy
Native teachers InSchool Academy
Interactive Activities InSchool Academy
Various choice of languages
Native teachers
Interactive activities
We specialise in French and Spanish. However, we also offer Italian, Russian, Mandarin, Portuguese, and a range of other languages.
Our clubs are led by passionate and dedicated native speaking teachers following a curriculum designed to suit children's learning needs.​
Part of our core learning process is having fun. We make learning enjoyable through games, role-plays, singing and dancing.
Small groups InSchool Academy
4 to 11 years old InSchool Academy
Feedback InSchool Academy
Small groups
4 to 11 years old
Our clubs are designed to boost confidence in children. We run small groups with 6 to 10 children to give more attention to each child.
Most of our pupils are beginners but we welcome every child by offering different level of teaching for children from 4 to 11 years old. 
Parents enjoy a (bi)weekly feedback about the topics covered during the club and the individual progress made by their child.
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InSchool Academy Curriculum
Our teachers follow a curriculum that suits the level of the class and support the children's progress.
New and various topics are added during each term as well as new activities.

Below is what Level 1 children cover during the first term:

Curriculum First term InSchool Academy
InSchool Academy
InSchool Academy
InSchool Academy
InSchool Academy